And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

After a brief writing hiatus, I am reporting live from a vehicle heading due west that will not stop until it reaches the water.  A few teammates are taking advantage of our second to last off day of the young season by going to the beach.  This off day comes at the conclusion of a nine-game home stand that has us one game behind the divisional leader and in the thick of the playoff race.

The last week has brought a lot of activity to Quakesville.  Last week’s off day was spent at Angels Stadium for Quakes Day.  This publicity stunt had us signing autographs outside the stadium for about 40 minutes, getting announced on the field prior to game time, and watching the Angels beat the Tampa Bay Rays from a left field suite.  This was my first time to Angels Stadium and it was an interesting experience.

Joining the team during the home stand was Torii Hunter, the Angels centerfielder rehabbing an adductor strain prior to his return to the Big League club in Baltimore.  Hunter is very personable and could always be found talking to players, discussing the finer points of our craft.  He had a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge to offer the team and everyone benefited from his time with us.  After arriving on Wednesday, he played centerfield that night, was the designated hitter on Thursday, and player centerfield again on Saturday.

Hunter’s absence on Friday was attributed to discomfort felt from a stomach virus that has been plaguing several players (myself included), coaches, and rovers.  Four players, two coaches, and two rovers got sick Thursday night, with some others getting pulled down over the past few days.  In what was first thought to be food poisoning, this bug has left everyone extremely uncomfortable and made eating undesirable.  I was scratched from my start on Saturday after feeling lightheaded and dizzy, but was felt well enough to grit it out during Sunday’s finale against Lake Elsinore.

Apparently after my performance on Sunday, I might want to consider getting sick more often as it seems to boost my power numbers.  In what is a rare feat for me, I hit my first homerun in two years to give us a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the seventh inning.  This was my third professional homerun (which was erroneously reported by the Quakes as my first—I know the two I previously hit were two years ago in Orem, but they still count), and ironically, the second one I hit feeling under the weather.  During the game of my first homerun, our entire team was dealing with food poisoning from a tainted postgame meal the previous night.  Somehow, I got my first that day (on a hit and run, good thing I protected the runner). 

I know that it is said when you are sick you are not trying to do as much because you are not feeling up to it, and there may be some truth in that.  However, I would rather figure out how to do this when I am feeling healthy because only hitting homeruns when sick is a little absurd.  Regardless of my offensive output, the most important thing is that we pulled out a 5-2 victory and my work behind the plate aided the pitching staff overcome nine walks by scattering four hits and limiting the Storm to only one hit in 13 runners-in-scoring-position opportunities.  This was definitely not the best performance of the season, but it was a win nonetheless.  And this late in the season, you will take wins any way you can get them.


6 Responses to “And the Hits Just Keep on Coming”

  1. Cher Says:

    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Jack Says:


    Congrats on the homer. We were happy to see both you and Romine go deep for the first time this season, and even though the game overall was a little sloppy, the win is what counts right?

    Hope you all had a good day off and good luck the rest of the way. We need some playoff baseball in Rancho — it’s been too long.

    Jack Walsh

  3. Ron Kelley Says:

    Rosey, way to go. Sorry we didnt get to see it and sorry you were feelin down Sat nite. Wondered why you werent in there Sat. Anyway, continued success and yep, keep it up..Playoff Baseball in Rancho sounds great..

  4. northernvarealtor Says:

    I thought you hit the homer because you felt under the weather and didn’t feel like running fast. Good thing you got to take a little jog! Keep it up 9er!

  5. Kathleen Rosenbaum Says:

    Hi Christopher…this is your mother speaking. Yes, we too are happy you are feeling better. I need to remind you that last week was your second trip to Angels Stadium. Remember we went with Barbara, Steve and kids in the mid 90’s? We went and saw the Angels lose to the Yankees–oh, right. You were a Mets fan back then and of course you would not remember a Yankees’ win! Well, just like remembering you had been to Angels Stadium one time before, I also knew your home run last Sunday was your third in professional baseball. That’s what Moms are for!
    It is hard to believe we are packing up the “Squirt” and taking her to the University of Tampa on Monday to start her college career. Jacqueline and Daniel spent many hours playing cars in the dirt at the baseball field while you played Little League and travel baseball. And you shared your time watching them participate as well. Remember Daniel’s Little League team having to face the Bronx team that Danny Almonte played on with several of his closest “12 year old friends” in the New York State Finals on the road to Williamsport? We learned about over the years about sportsmanship and hard work. I would give anything to have those years back. Your success was a true family effort and we would do it again every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
    Yes, the “hits just keep on coming” and Life Is Good! We wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Love you, miss you and remember, Home is only 90′ away…Mom

  6. T kirk Says:

    Maybe Cam’s Pizza should do the post game meals out there!!

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