Boys of Summer

Nothing signals the start of the summer better than Independence Day.  The Fourth of July is iconic in American culture for barbeques, warm weather, military appreciation, baseball, and fireworks.  Minor League teams always seem to do well on July 3 and July 4 (with all teams having a home date on either of these days to get the increased gate sales), with fans packing stadiums around the country to watch America’s Pastime and enjoy a post-game fireworks show.

The firework spectacles last night at The Epicenter and tonight at The Diamond were nice to see; a refreshing few minutes that allowed my mind to wander off the field and become lost in the awe of this 2,000-year-old Chinese invention.  The summer months become the Dog Days, where the long season can turn into a grind.  We are still refreshed from the recent All-Star break, and most players will not begin to feel the grind of the Dog Days until August.  This is where the offseason and in-season training will yield dividends, preventing fatigue as the days get hotter.

While government employees (and many others) took their holiday yesterday, we were busy working; our “holidays” come on random weekdays every two weeks.  However, we cannot complain, for we are playing a game for work, and subsequently providing enjoyment for everyone else working traditional jobs.  We will take the random “holidays” on random weekdays throughout the season, knowing we have the major offseason holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) to ourselves.  For the next eight weeks, we will be pushing our bodies and minds to their limits with the goal of bettering ourselves and making a run for one of the two playoff spots up for grabs this second-half of the season.


3 Responses to “Boys of Summer”

  1. Emily Says:

    Looks like your hard work once again paid off…Keep having fun, and congratulations.

    Good luck in UTAH!

    With Love,

  2. Jim Lozano Says:

    Congratulations on the promotion. I know it is probably temporary but I have to tell you that reading into this I believe the Angels have plans for you. Whether it be as a coach, front office personnel or a scout. Ask your self this question; why would they pick you to make this move. I realize that some of it is just availability but they know that no matter where you are you are going to put in the work. Your going to get to the ball park early get your work in, your going to study the pitchers you have catch and you will be prepared for whatever they want you to do while you are there.

    I told your father awhile back that I just felt like the Angels have long terms plans for you. I know I am no expert but I do know something about the game and how things work from my own experiences.

    Good luck in Salt Lake

    PS your brother is doing a great job for us. Must be in the genes!

  3. Ted Ford Says:

    Chris, keep up the strong work. We in Watertown and the NYCBL will remember you very fondly for the two summers you spent with us.

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