The Bombs Bursting in Air

When young kids are involved, you can never be too sure of what is going to happen.  Last night, during signing of the National Anthem, a young boy, about six or seven years of age, made it one of the most comic anthems anyone has ever seen.

This was a typical firework night National Anthem production, which involves the well-timed firing of red flares to depict the “rocket’s red glare,” and has fireworks exploding for “the bombs bursting in air.”  Players from local youth leagues usually accompany the starters onto the field and stand with them for the performance of The Anthem. 

During the performance, the red flares went off on cue, followed by the explosive fireworks, which tend to be very loud.  Apparently, the young boy with our shortstop was caught off-guard and got spooked, because he promptly started screaming, crying, and ran off the field.  When this happened, the players on the field and those in the stands fought hard to keep it together through the rest of The Anthem.  At the conclusion of The Anthem, there was a loud wave of laughter that came over the stadium, everyone trying to comprehend what just happened.

It is understandable that a young boy could have been frightened by these loud fireworks, but for him to run off the field screaming can only be described as comical.  Kids are resilient and can brush off a lot.  Hopefully, he will look back on this one day and do what an entire stadium did at his expense: laugh.


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