After two weeks of rehabbing, my shoulder has healed (enough) and I have been activated from the disabled list.  I was lucky to have escaped a more serious injury (again), and only missed 14 games during my time on the shelf.  I have done my best to maintain game shape conditioning through running and sprint workouts, and doing as many drills as I could these past few days of being allowed to perform full activity.

With my activation, C.J. Bressoud, who took my place on the roster, will be sent back to Arizona to clear room on the roster for me.  I played with C.J. last year in Cedar Rapids and he is a good guy.  His departure will be disappointing after getting reacquainted with him these past two weeks, but this game always leaves you wondering when someone will be making another appearance as your teammate.

Returning from the off day, we begin a crucial stretch of the first-half, which will most likely be an indicator of how we will fare in the overall playoff picture this season.  The two-half season system enables teams that struggled during the first half to have an opportunity to make the playoffs by winning the second-half, or earn the wild card spot by having the best overall record of divisional teams not yet in the playoffs.  So, if our efforts during these final 25 days of the half do not result in a first-half championship, it can set us up nicely for a playoff run in the second-half.


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