Now the writing can pick up with the completion of my MBA.  I guess I could consider just being a professional student and work on a second Masters this offseason, but I am pretty much over school and will be looking for a real job.

I had a minor setback on our road trip last week by injuring myself during the series finale at Stockton (Oakland Athletics affiliate).  I partially dislocated my left shoulder on a slide into second base during the second inning (somehow I managed to do this on a feet-first slide).  While this is my second trip to the DL in as many seasons, this ailment should not set me back the four weeks my sprained MCL did last July.  Since the shoulder did not fully dislocate, I am mostly dealing with rotator cuff irritation.  The rehab is just going to be shoulder strengthening and getting game ready.

The team has been struggling a bit lately, with the pitching, defense, and hitting not being able to get on the same page.  This has lead to blown leads, comebacks that have fallen short, and overall disappointment.  However, it is a long season and we will continue to keep grinding things out.  We were faced with a similar situation last season in Cedar Rapids, with the team struggling through May, then figuring it out before the All-Star break.  This led to a strong second-half and a playoff run.  Figuring things out sooner rather than later is the goal, with individual improvements being the means that lead to overall team success.


One Response to “Finito”

  1. Stephen C. Smith Says:

    Congratulations on finishing the MBA … I remember back in 1985 when I picked up the diploma for my Masters degree. I’m driving home on the freeway, I look down at the paper and think, “Okay, now what?”

    For what it’s worth, my opinion is that things like degrees and GPA and whatnot might look good on a résumé and get your foot in the door, but the actual job interview and the background recommendations you receive from people probably matter more. And it’s certainly true that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

    Playing pro ball has a certain “star quality” to it, as you know, and a letter of recommendation from Abe or Kotch or anyone else on Angels stationery would probably go a long way.

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