Winding Down

No, not the season.  School is finally winding down for me.  My business forecasting class (glorified stats) culminated last night with a 3:00am run to FedEx Office so I could print my 90-page Excel file and Second Day Air it to my professor in Tampa.  And now, with the recent submission of my data base for the data base development and administration class, all that separates me from an MBA is the take-home (or take-to-wherever you are playing that day as this case may be) final exam due on Thursday.  Finally being able to not think about school is going to be a great feeling.

After some recent struggles, the team has reeled off two wins; one in convincing 6-2 fashion, the other in a 7-6 comeback.  Tonight featured Ervin Santana making a rehab start, which brought some hype to a typically quiet Monday crowd.  The idea of Major Leaguers playing in games that do not really count for them, but is of utmost importance to us is a bit of a conundrum to me.  You have players of the ultimate caliber mixing in with guys who are still learning the inner workings and skills of the game, leaving some to expect the Major Leaguers to dominate and make the games one-sided.  However, we were actually trailing 3-2 when Santana came out in the 5th inning after reaching his 60-pitch limit.  This is just more proof that baseball is an equalizing game; the biggest, strongest, and fastest players do not necessarily have the most success on a given night. 

The main separation between Major and Minor League players is consistency.  Given 10 opportunities, the Major Leaguers are going to be successful one or two more times than the Minor Leaguer.  For now, we will soak up the experience and presence of someone performing where we hope to be and keep grinding through the days.


One Response to “Winding Down”

  1. Will Fassett Says:


    When are you going to compile these entries into a book? Your writing is excellent—well-articulated, thought-provoking. I’m a fan! It reminds me in many ways of what Doug Glanville writes in the New York Times. Headed back to Rochester for the first time since graduation this weekend. Unfortunately, Reina’s crew is away–first round of the playoffs. All the best,


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