Show and Go

Crunch time during the final few weeks of the semester has caused my post frequency to dwindle.  However, I will have things wrapped up by the end of the first week of May and that will leave more time to get after some the posts. 

The team has been hovering around .500 throughout the first two weeks of the season with the injury bug seeming to be the prevailing theme throughout the organization.  We have had three pitchers and a position player injured already, with other pitchers getting called up to replace injured and underachieving arms at higher levels.  Of the seven original bullpen pitchers on opening day, we are down to three (and one of them has already been on the disabled list and recovered).  Time will be the only indicator of whether things will stabilize or if this season will continue to be a revolving door of personnel.

Today was the last game of a three-game set at High Desert (Seattle Mariners affiliate), but with an added wrinkle.  Walking out of the clubhouse with the field already chalked and watered with morning radio talk shows going on can only mean one thing: a 10:35am start time.  This is the earliest game I have been a part of since rain forced The University of Tampa to play a 9:00am game as part of a doubleheader my junior season.  This is the type of day perfect for a “show-and-go.”

Usually reserved for day games or night games after long extra-inning affairs the previous night, the show-and-go is pretty much what it sounds like: we show up to the field and play.  There is no formal batting practice, no early work, and no ground balls.  You show up to the field, stretch, throw, and get ready to play.  Ironically, these days are the days where players or teams find a way to break out of slumps. Sometimes, taking all of the thinking and extra work out of things are what people need to clear their heads and break out their funks. 

Unfortunately, today was not the case for us as we dropped the game 6-3 and lost the series 2-1.  We currently sit two games under .500 and begin a four-game series at Lancaster (Houston Astros affiliate) tomorrow night.


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