Congratulations Cedar Rapids

I am at it again.  Season two of the blogging has commenced, just as my second-to-last semester in the MBA program has ended.  At the request of some, I have decided to start blogging for the 2009 season a little early to give people insight on what goes on during the offseason.  I will get into that in upcoming posts; however, I felt this post needed to be made first and foremost. 

I want to congratulate the Cedar Rapids Kernels organization for being named Minor League Baseball’s top franchise.  Cedar Rapids was awarded the John H. Johnson President’s Trophy, the top MiLB award, at the winter baseball meetings last week in Las Vegas.  This award is described as follows: “The President’s Trophy is presented annually to honor the complete baseball franchise–based on franchise stability; contributions to league stability; contributions to baseball in the community; and promotion of the baseball industry.”

This award signifies a tremendous accomplishment for everyone involved in the organization, from the front office to the fans.  It is a true testament to the dedication to excellence and service that I admired and respected during my 2008 season in Cedar Rapids.  Without the tireless hours of work invested by Jack Roeder and the front office and support staff, and Jesse Roeder and the grounds crew, and most importantly, the support provided by the fans, this award is not possible.

The fans.  Without them, the team is nothing.  The strength of the Cedar Rapids community was given the greatest possible test during the devastating floods of 2008.  The city could have easily succumb to the destruction and given up on the hopes of recovering.  However, the human spirit prevailed, and I was able to witness a community aid one another and build itself back up.  The Kernels tried to help where possible, and the city responded through their continuous support of us and propelled us to the city’s first playoff series win in eight years.

This award symbolizes more than the greatness of a minor league baseball team.  It represents a city that persevered during trying times and will grow stronger in the future.  It represents a community that is proud of its history and supportive of its teams.  While this award was presented to the Cedar Rapids Kernels, it is also commending the city and surrounding area of Cedar Rapids for its greatness and being the city the Kernels are very proud to call home.


One Response to “Congratulations Cedar Rapids”

  1. Brenda Ridley Says:

    Thanks for the update Christopher! Glad to see you back in action. Look forward to post, after post, after post… L.L.s

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