A Kernel Again

I have finally reached the end of rehab road.  After making rehab starts the previous three nights, I will be heading back to Cedar Rapids.  This is very exciting for me as I will be able to play again for the first time since July 5 (not on rehab assignment).  Once again, I got to interact with another set of knowledgeable coaches and worked out with some talented players and will be leaving them to join with most of the original set I began with in April. 

My rehab outings were three innings catching on Monday, three at-bats of designated hitting on Tuesday, and catching six innings Wednesday.  My knee is feeling better and I am looking forward to getting back into the regular routine of a normal schedule.

I know that some people are wondering how I feel about this move back to Cedar Rapids and not to Rancho, and how I feel about being “demoted.”  Honestly, I am not looking at this as a demotion but as an opportunity to play and get back into things.  There is a need in Cedar Rapids for catching and I am being sent there to satisfy this need and produce for the team and the organization.  It would be tough for me to look at this as a demotion since I was only able to play two innings for Rancho.

My feelings about playing time and being moved up and down is simple: as long as you are still on a team’s roster in a Major League Baseball team’s organization, you have a shot.  Players are bound to be injured with our long schedules and the nature of the game.  There is always a need for role players as well as everyday players.  Role players have opportunities to become everyday players and everyday players can squander their chances and become backups.  Just like the game of baseball and nothing ever being over until the final out, your shot is never gone until you are no longer on a roster.

My flight to Cedar Rapids leaves at 6:15am MST (yes, not daylight time-Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings so it is at the equivalent of PDT right now).  So, I fly through Dallas, will lose two hours from the time zone change, and am due into Cedar Rapids at 2pm CDT.  I will arrive sleep deprived but expecting to play and help the team to a playoff berth in this final stretch.


4 Responses to “A Kernel Again”

  1. David Stentiford Says:

    Welcome back Chris.It’s nice to have you back for the stretch run to the playoffs.I’m glad youre not looking at this as a demotion because I’m sure the angels knew we needed an experienced catcher to help get us into the playoffs.I look foward to seeing you play next saturday when we are able to take in a game.

  2. BeesGal Says:

    Hooray! Back in action again. In this day of free agency, you never know who might be watching from the stands. Good luck and go get ’em!

  3. Greg Says:

    You have a very realistic and great attitude Chris. Great that you are back with the Kernels. I am going to head down to Burlington tomorrow night to root the Kernels on for the playoff push.

  4. Nick Says:

    Hey. Welcome back. It must be a good feeling to play again after missing so much time. I’m glad that that you were able to get healthy enough to the point you would be able to play on a regular basis. After talking with you that night in Rancho, you always seem like you never want to give up., which is always a good thing. Good luck going into the playoffs.

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