Rehab Update

Rehab has been progressing well.  I have been doing all baseball activities with the exception of playing in games.  I hope to be game eligible early this week and be playing in games very soon.  The rehab has been grueling and sometimes monotonous, but I am satisfied with the progress and look forward to finishing. 

When a player is sent to Arizona to rehab, he goes through the rehabilitative program until the training staff determines it is safe for the player to play again.  After this is decided, the player is then presented to the organization, and they decide what the player will do.  This generally involves playing some rehab games with the Rookie level Tempe Angels, and then being assigned to another team in the organization.  So, there is no guarantee I will be heading back to Rancho after playing in some rehab games.  There are many factors that go into the decision, including current personnel, player outlook, and timing.  I can only focus on things that are under my control and get back to the best game shape possible, and be ready to play when I am told.


One Response to “Rehab Update”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Are you rejoining the Quakes any time soon, like perhaps next week…???

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