Arizona Rehab

When it seems that everyone else is leaving me, I am the one to leave for a change.  Prior to last night’s thrilling 10th inning, 10-8 walk-off victory thanks to a Mark Trumbo home run, I was told I would be reporting to Tempe the following day to continue my rehab. Since Rancho is on a seven-day road trip to the northern division, rehab on the road would be difficult due to the lack of a quality facility that we have at home.  Furthermore, I will be better able to get functional work of catching pitchers, working on defensive skills, and hitting by mixing in with the Rookie level team in the midst of their season.  While I do not want to do this because I have to leave my teammates and miss the games, I know it is in my best interest to get healthy faster than I would be able to on the road trip.

I made the hour-long flight this morning at 8:30 and went directly to the Angels’ minor league facility in Tempe, AZ to begin my continuing rehab program.  After completing my first day of rehab, I am optimistic that I will be returning to a club soon.  Players dread being sent to rehab in Tempe, and I was in the same position.  Rehab days are long, high temperatures are generally in excess of 100 degrees, and it is very tough being away from teammates.  While it is true that I am still with Angel teammates from the organization, it is frustrating being away from the team you have been going to battle with on a nightly basis.  However, the teams go on, and I will be doing my best to get back as soon as possible.

The initial report is that my ligament strength is strong, despite there still being pain.  I was told that I am going to have pain for a while, so it is going to be about pain management and tolerance.  So, the plan is to build up leg and knee strength and work on the functional baseball skills until I am game ready.  This will be done through a variety of strengthening and conditioning exercises, and with the aid of an MCL taping and brace.

Tomorrow will have me doing rehab exercises, going through team stretch and conditioning, throwing, and hitting off a tee and taking soft toss.  If all goes well, I will probably be catching bullpens Sunday.


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