Disabled List

I begin this (1:15am PDT) at my hotel in Rancho Cucamonga after eating dinner delivered from a local restaurant.  We arrived home from our commuter road trip to High Desert (Seattle Mariners affiliate) close to two hours ago; fortunately, the trip is only 45 minutes.  All of our in-division road trips are commuters.  We will see if the distaste that I have expressed about commuter trips continues since I will be going on these trips more often than I did in the Midwest League.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I was injured during my first game as a Quake during the second inning on Saturday night.  There were runners are second and third with no outs and a ground ball was hit back to the pitcher.  After checking the runner back to third, the pitcher threw to first.  On the throw, the runner at third broke for the plate.  I was in position to take the throw from first base, catch the ball, and turn to tag the runner sliding in headfirst.  As I turned to tag the runner, I felt something in my right knee pop.  The runner was out, but this was the least thing I was focused on at this time.

During the ten seconds or so that this play happened, many things went through my mind.  After feeling something in my knee pop my thought process was, “the season is over, I need surgery, and I hope that my career is not finished (how can a catcher play with a messed up knee?)”  I walked over to see our trainer so the injury could be assessed.  I was not in pain, but something did not feel right.  I came out of the game, and as I sat around during an examination, felt my knee tightening up and getting sore.  The assessment at the field was either a medial collateral ligament or meniscus sprain. 

While a tear was not out of the question, the stability of my knee was good, and this was a positive sign.  However, despite this encouraging news, I was still very concerned.  I was not going to be able to see a team doctor until we returned from our road trip in San Jose.  It was an anxious time for me until I was able to see the orthopedist yesterday.

The official diagnosis is a strained medial meniscus.  Since the knee’s stability is still good, the knee is still functioning properly, and my condition has been improving, it is unlikely to be anything more serious.  If my condition keeps improving as it has since Saturday, I hope to be back in action in two weeks.  I hope to have dodged a serious bullet with this minor injury, knowing that things could have been a lot worse.

I expect to recover quickly, and this will be another injury to add to the list.  Since entering college, I have suffered the following: pulled hamstring (twice); dislocated shoulder; thoracic outlet syndrome (also known as deep venous thrombosis; I had a blood clot in my right shoulder and needed my first rib removed); mild concussion (twice); bicep tendonitis; shin splints; and, strained oblique.  Sounds like I might be a good poster child for WebMD.com.

I have been placed on the seven-day disabled list (this is the only length for the minor leagues; the Major League minimum is 15 days, with a 60-day option also available).  This means that I do not have a place on the 25-player active roster, but remain with the team.


One Response to “Disabled List”

  1. Schafe Says:

    Good luck and take it easy Chris. I ruptured my achilles about 5 years ago and recovery takes a lot of patience. You probably know that all too well.

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