The past few days have been tumultuous for me as I have been through three time zones, and spent nights in three different cities.  After the third game of the Quad Cities series on July 3, I was walking into the clubhouse through the tunnel and was told by our hitting coach that KJ had to speak to me.  The timing of this is what tipped me off that this was not going to be a random question; he had to speak to me before our post-game meeting.  Those meetings usually mean a player move.  I went into the office thinking either I was moving up, moving down, or moving out.  I was confident about the situation though since I had been playing well and I felt I was in good standing with the organization.

All of the coaches were in KJ’s office when I got there and I was told that I had been promoted to Rancho Cucamonga, our Class A Advanced affiliate in southern California.  My flight was at 8am out of Cedar Rapids the following morning (July 4), and I would be flying to San Jose (through Chicago) to meet up with the team beginning a three-game road trip against the northern division affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.  I initially did not know how to react, as I was still surprised.  However, after some reassurance from my teammates that it was all right to smile, I was able to express some excitement about being called up.

Both flights were on time and I arrived in San Jose at 12:30pm PDT on Friday and took a taxi to the stadium.  Similar to how things went were when I arrived for my first professional season in Orem with respect that both times were road trips, I basically took anything that fit as far as the uniform goes (hats, pants, undershirt) since the amount of reserve attire is limited.

The new team will take a little getting used to, but the overlying philosophies and style of baseball remain the same.  I started the second game of the series, but did not make it past the second inning as I sprained my right knee on a play at the plate.  I will delve further into this in my next post where I discuss my first stint on the disabled list.

Despite the injury, I am still in high spirits and confident that I will return to the lineup soon.  It will be the beginning of the work necessary to climb the next rung on this baseball ladder.


2 Responses to “Promotion”

  1. Schafe Says:

    Great to see that you are going to keep up with the blog even though you are now on the west coast Chris. Had to leave early from the Kernels game tonight because of an intense storm. Shocker. I hope the weather is nicer for you in California.

  2. Mallory Says:

    Sorry to see you go, but wish the best of luck to you! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventure!

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