The Season Continues

I begin this post at 12:40am (on Thursday morning; yes, I back date these posts to keep things straight in my head), while eating a gourmet dinner from Wendy’s that I picked up on the way home from the stadium.  It has been a while since my last post, but today pretty much sums up how the past two weeks has been and why it has kept me from writing.  To make a long night short, tonight’s game was suspended in the top of the sixth inning with us trailing Wisconsin (Seattle Mariners affiliate) 12-11.  Yes, that score is correct.  Storms came through around 9:15pm and we waited it out to try to finish it, but to no avail.  So, the game was officially suspended around 11:30pm and we will resume this game tomorrow night at 6pm, and play the regular scheduled game thereafter.

I have many loose ends to tie up since my last post.  In that time, we have finished the first-half of the season, had our All-Star break, I have driven over 1,300 miles, and we are six games into the second-half of the season. 

We had a strong finish to the first half of the year, winning nine of our final 11, including sweeps of Burlington at home and Kane County on the road.  In a weird twist, the final game at Kane County was played at the stadium during a power outage.   The game would have had a spring training feel since there was no scoreboard, no music, no announcing, and no promotions, but there 6,000 people there for the Father’s Day game.  The score was announced with megaphones between innings and it was also posted on sheets of paper taped to the press box.  We won the game 3-2, and none of the players or fans seemed too distraught over the lack of electricity during the game.

At the conclusion of the game, everyone was on their own for the All-Star break.  Due to the flooding in Cedar Rapids, many players made plans to fly out of the nearby Chicago airports to go home for the break.  I had made these plans several weeks earlier so I could fly to Tampa and drive my car to Cedar Rapids.  I arranged to have it shipped here at the end of April, and when it had not been shipped by the end of May, I decided to go down and drive it up myself.  So, a plane trip Sunday night and 1,300 miles in my car over two days had me back in Cedar Rapids very late on Tuesday night.  It was not exactly the most relaxing break I had pictured.

We are 4-2 to start the second half and things are looking up after a disappointing first half.  The team is improving everyday and everyone is committed to making this a strong second half that will hopefully land us in the playoffs.

My father and brother left today after being here for five days.  It was great to see them, as it is very difficult to see my family between the season and finishing my Masters degree.  Last night, they were over at my host family’s house for a nice dinner.  Due to mismatched schedules and road trips, this was my first meal at home since the beginning of the month.  Eating out all of the time can definitely get old, but this is usually the only choice for food.

Finally, after tonight’s game we had more player moves announced, and it seems that the fast track for a player to be sent to Rancho Cucamonga (our Class A Advanced affiliate) is to room with me.  Relief pitcher Jordan Towns has been called up to Rancho, leaving me to search for another roommate on the road.  This makes three roommate departures for me in two weeks and gives me another example for my recent post “Comings and Goings” where I discussed the high rate of personnel turnover in this business.


One Response to “The Season Continues”

  1. Schafe Says:

    Keep up the great work Chris. Hopefully two wins more wins after tonight.

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