Changing Tides

We have been playing very well this past week and there is a collective feeling that the team is turning its fortune around. The streaks that I discussed in the previous post that have been going against us are starting to shift into our favor. The bats have been heating up with an increased focus on improving hitting mechanics and approaches. By approach, I am referring to the plan a hitter has when he gets in the batter’s box. A hitter’s plan is contingent upon several factors, including runners on base, inning, score, and the opposing pitcher. The team has been doing a much better job of working through at-bats, making productive outs, and getting key hits. Furthermore, our pitchers have continued to give us strong outings and have continued to keep us in every game, giving us a chance to win every night. 

Most importantly, we have been playing complete baseball games. We have all been battling through all nine innings, regardless of the score. While we have not been winning all of these games, how we are going about our business in them has been the best it has been all year. This is imperative for a team to succeed. The more often a team puts in a good position to win games, the more improvement will be experienced by the players and the more victories will be achieved by the team. 

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has been reading and commenting on this blog over its first month. For those of you who have been asking me questions, I greatly appreciate that and hope that you continue to do so. Having some questions to answer makes things easier for me and I can provide a more in-depth account of things that people are interested about.


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