Rainy Night

It is getting late (again) and I was not going to write a post but I decided to because it was another “odd” moment in the minor league world that I thought was worth mentioning.

Tonight’s start time was scheduled for 6pm. There were thunderstorms in the forecast, but they were not supposed to begin until later in the evening. However, during the national anthem, there was some lightning fairly close to the field. There is a rule that states we must wait 30 minutes if lightning is seen before we resume play. Since we never actually started, the umpires were a little lenient and we started 20 minutes later at 6:20.

We were progressing quickly through the game with us picking up a run in the fifth and that being the only scoring for the time being. In the seventh inning, the rain started, rumbles of thunder could be heard, and lightning could be seen in the distance. In the bottom of the 7th there was lightning that looked very close to the outfield, and we were pulled off the field with the Kane County batter having a 3-2 count with no outs.

That began the lighting delay that turned into a weather delay as we had storms for over an hour. This was my first “real” rain delay. By real, I mean that there was a good chance we were going to wait it out and finish the game after it was over. I have been in games where we would sit around for 20 or 30 minutes and then it was called, or where we sat around for a while waiting to start a game that was never played.

A rain delay is one of the least desirable situations to a player. We have to come in from the game, tone it down for a bit, and then get back up for the game. I found killing time to be the most difficult thing to do. In the clubhouse, there were two card games going, two Rubik’s cubes being played with (yes, that fad is being rekindled on our team), and some PSPs being used. After wandering around for a bit, I ended up listening to music and looking through some spray charts of the Kane County hitters.

We finally got word at 9pm that we would resume at 9:30. I had to go outside to get loose again and refocus on the game at hand. We resumed the game with a 3-2 count on the batter and froze him with a called strike on the outside corner. We went on to win 2-0 after tacking on a run in the 8th, and we finished a little after 10pm. Total game time was 2:20, with an almost two-hour rain delay. This made for our second long evening in a row.


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