Late Night

It is already late so tonight is going to be a short post that will recap the past few days.

We struggled a bit in Wisconsin, dropping three of four, and our struggles continued through tonight after suffering a 4-3 loss in 12 innings. Our bats have been quiet over the past week and our pitching has had its ups and downs. However, we have played well our last two losses and the bats showed signs of life tonight erasing a 3-0 deficit in the late innings to force extra innings.

Playing extra inning is occasionally expected, although it tends to put a damper on the rest of the evening, especially after a loss. Game nights tend to be late enough as it is and on the road, finding dinner can sometimes be an issue. Fortunately for us, the game times this week are at 6pm and the extra inning game had us finished by 10pm. We got back to our hotel by 11:30. Usually, pizza tends to be an only option this late on a Monday night or a fast food restaurant if you are lucky. However, we lucked out at this hotel as it is in walking distance of a T.G.I. Friday’s that is open until 1am. A few of us walked over for a midnight dinner after arriving back at the hotel.

It is 1am and I am headed to bed. Tomorrow, the bus leaves for a weight workout at 10am, and then we leave for the stadium at 1:30pm. Our catching rover is in town for this series, so the catchers will be doing extra work in addition to our pregame schedule.


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