Solid Win; Baseball Equipment

Although we have been struggling lately and lost five games out of our last seven, tonight we were able to turn things around in a 5-0 victory over Wisconsin (Seattle Mariners affiliate). Anton threw a four-hit shutout thanks to some solid defense and timely hitting. I caught tonight and it was a pitchers’ duel until the late innings, which made for a quick game, despite a very long eighth inning where we scored four runs to put the game out of reach.

We took the lead 1-0 in the seventh scoring an unearned run. Wisconsin would then threaten to tie it up in the bottom half of the frame, but were unable to do so after a crazy play. With a runner at third and one out a fly ball was hit to left field. Our outfielder made the catch and threw home attempting to throw out the runner trying to tag up and score. I was up the line a little bit to block the plate and tried to field the throw on a short hop and quickly tag the runner as he slid past me. I lost control of the ball in my haste and thought the runner had slid past me and touched home plate with his hand. However, the umpire never made a signal and I went over to pick up the ball, and I tagged the runner who was celebrating with his teammates. The umpire called him out for missing home plate and our team ran off the field, pumped that we still had the one-run lead. Wisconsin, as expected, was not pleased with the call, and had both the runner called out at the plate and the batter who hit the fly ball ejected for arguing.

It was an exciting play and was what I thought was a crucial turning point in the game to solidify our victory. I was surprised that he was called out when I tagged him, as I had no way of seeing the umpire standing behind me make a “safe” call when the runner slid past me. I only tagged the runner just in case he missed home plate, and it so happened that he did. Fortunately, I had the wherewithal to complete the play and get a crucial out in the game.

Someone recently asked me via email to discuss the baseball equipment situation: what is provided by the organization, and what are we personally responsible for? As far as apparel, the organization provides us with red shorts, a mock turtleneck, jacket, and a tee shirt. Playing with the Kernels, we are provided with a navy mock turtleneck, a baseball jacket (which we do not get to keep), batting helmets, catchers gear, and bats. The players are responsible for all other equipment, including gloves, cleats, turf shoes, batting gloves, and all undershirts and sliders. Some players have signed with agents, who represent the players and negotiate salary and signing bonus, as well as also providing some of this apparel and equipment by either purchasing it for their players or aiding the players sign endorsement contracts. Personally, I do not have an agent or any endorsements, so I am on my own as far as purchasing all of my batting gloves, cleats, undershirts, sliders, and anything else I need to play.


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