Off Day

We have our third day off of the season today. Since we only get twelve of them for the season, they are very well appreciated when they come around. I have not done much on my off days as of yet, and have primarily used them to catch up on sleep, laundry, and emails. We have yet to have nice weather for an off day; it has been either rainy or overcast. I know that a lot of the pitchers, and a position player or two, use the off days for big golf outings, and they have not let the weather deter them. All of the players and coaches get a free golf membership to one of the local courses, although I would be better off selling mine since I do not golf. I have gone a few times, but since I try to do the same things swinging the club as I do a bat, I never have success. I know that when my golf swing starts to improve, it will most likely be time to stop playing baseball. I am hoping to see the baseball field used in the movie Field of Dreams on one of the off days, since it is not very far from Cedar Rapids.

Last night was a rough loss. We played well for the first six innings before things fell apart. I started last night and was able to put two good at-bats together out of three and I felt I caught a decent game, so I was pleased with that. However, the loss is still a disappointment since my primary objective every game I catch is to “catch a winner.” (I got that from our pitching coach in Orem last year, Zeke Zimmerman, who would always tell the catcher after a win “way to catch a winner.”)

I was recently asked via email what my living situation was in Cedar Rapids. Just as a brief overview, in the two levels I have played at (Advanced Rookie and Class A), the players have lived either with host families or in apartments. It is up to the individual teams of whether they provide the option of host families, or if they arrange for players to stay in apartments. I, along with my teammate, Michael Anton, am living with a host family. These host families open their houses to players, free of charge, each season and provide them with a place to stay and the occasional home-cooked meal. What is especially nice about host families is that it gives players the sense of being “home” when we are away from home for the season. While Michael and I do not see our host family very often due to road trips and conflicting schedules, we are very grateful for their willingness to take us into their homes as their own for six months.

For those that do not wish to stay with host families, players will elect to get an apartment together. If this option is chosen, it is up to the players to fund it, as the organization does not provide any assistance. Just as a side note, when organizations do not offer host families, they will usually place players in apartments and take the rent out of their paychecks.


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